Our Web Designs - HTML, Joomla or Wordpress. You decide.

There are many ways to build a website. It may look exactly the same when viewed using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox. However the way a website is built and the code used to build that site is an important part of how it performs and where it appears in Google. At Forthweb we do not restrict you to websites built using only one system. We can build websites using handcoded html, Joomla, Wordpress or even Drupal.

East Lothian web design, Edinburgh web design, or anywhere web design. We can design you a website wherever you are .

Many web designers do not understand the HTML code that is used in the background to create a website. Some only know how to build using Wordpress and because they do not know the html code behind it they cannot make any alterations to the actual template. As a result you might be stuck with a layout you cannot change.

Some designers may not know how to optimise their sites and if something does not work properly they do not know how to fix it. The basics of web design is knowing how to code. At Forth Web we know HTML code. We can alter that Wordpress template. We can handcode an HTML site, we can build and alter a Joomla site. So if you want a bespoke East Lothian web design, a mobile-friendly site or a responsive template based website for your business in Edinburgh or elsewhere, we can create it using the system that is best suited to your needs.

The W3C

The W3C sets the standards for HTML code. When we hand code websites we try to ensure that the HTML code we use is always W3C compliant. Google likes web pages that meet W3C standards.

Check out the HTML code

wrc validated html for an edinburgh web design

Go to the W3C site and paste in the address of a web page. A Green bar indicates that the page has been well built and meets the standard. A Red bar with many errors might indicate that the "designer" does not really know what they are doing.

Still got a static website design ?

Web design is constantly evolving. A static website is a site that fits a standard static desktop computer screen. A couple of years ago all websites were built this way. But a static website does not adapt to different screen sizes. There are now more people accessing the internet using handheld devices than desktop computers. To be seen by these people you need a mobile-friendly site.

Google has now said that they want one mobile-friendly website that adapts to all devices and added that they will penalise websites that are not responsive. At Forthweb all our new East Lothian web designs are all built to be mobile-friendly. We build one site that adapts to fit any device. If you have an existing static website then we can convert it to a responsive design. Contact us for details.

Content Management - Wordpress or Joomla ?

When getting a website many people ask for a content management site. However do they actually need one ? A CMS (Content Management System) allows the website owner to change some content on their site by themselves. Because of this perceived need people often say they want a Wordpress site. (The most poular CMS). They forget that a CMS site needs to be kept up to date and secure or else it becomes vulnerable to hackers.

Wordpress is a great choice for small uncomplicated sites but it is not the ideal choice for all. East Lothian web designer Forthweb will advise you as to the best way to build your website.

The danger with a CMS (content management system) is that by changing the site themselves an owner can actually damage the site rankings. Sometimes content management is not required. Simply ask me and I can change the website for you. That way I can make sure that any changes to not damage where the site ranks. So before opting for a CMS system stop and ask yourself do you really need to change the site yourself. If so why ?

For simple sites where there is a template that suits your requirements then Wordpress is a good choice but for more complex sites or e-commerce solutions Forthweb recommend Joomla. Contact us for further details..


Change this say we can advise you on the best system to use.......

At Forth Web we have been designing Edinburgh and East Lothian websites for several years. We know what will work for you to appear in Google.