One Page Website from £100

Get your East Lothian website found on the internet

If you are not ready for a full website, then we have the perfect low cost solution for you. We can build a single web page website which gives you a presence on the web at minimum cost to you.

Our One Page Website

Gives you an initial presence on the internet. It is unlikely to rank very well with any search engine.

A working website for £100

We can register a domain name for you, and using that name we will build you a bespoke design, single page web site. We do not restrict you to a limited number of templates. We will put your logo, contact details and text description on the page and can also set up a professional sounding email address.

From Google’s point of view, the sooner you get a website online the better. One of the ranking factors that Google use is the age of a domain. This age is not from when you buy the domain but from when Google finds your domain name on the internet and starts to index your site. This means you could get a head start on your competition by creating a single page site until you have a proper website created.

If you have already bought a domain name, why leave it pointing to your domain registrar’s holding page. It will only advertise your registrar’s services instead of your own. With our single page website you are immediately promoting your own business.

For £100 you get

  • A single bespoke design web page – ( Responsive)

  • Your logo displayed on the web page

  • Your images added to the page

  • Your text added to the web page

  • Your contact details

  • 6 months free hosting of the website. £90 a year thereafter.

  • One Email address set up.

  • One domain name. Lasts for 2 years.

  • Favicon that appears on page tabs

Ideal for new start ups.

Our single page websites are ideal for a small business or individual if you are starting out on a budget. Get the website name you want now.

When you are ready to move up to a full responsive website, we simply move your domain name to the new site and you will be up and running.

A full responsive website will rank better than a single page site. A single page website is intended to only give you an initial presence on the internet.

Note: Extra charges for the design of Logo’s may apply if you do not have one you can supply.

If you already own a domain name, you will need to alter your settings so that it can be hosted by Forthweb.

Payment for a Single Page sites must be made in full before work commences.

Note: It is unlikely that single page websites will rank highly in search results.