Web Site Hosting, Maintenance, and Updates.

Website Maintenance

Many Web Design companies, build you a website, and disappear over the horizon, never to be seen again. They do nothing to optimise or change the site then charge you a premium rate for any updates that you need done.

At Forthweb we offer a highly competitive maintenance packages. Which mean we are there to update your site content when you need it changed. But that is not all we do, we are there when you need us.

  • Changes to Text and Images (within reason)

  • WordPress Plugins updates

  • Monthly Statistics so you can see how many visitors you get

  • Website Backup

  • From only £50 a month

Changes to your East Lothian website

From just £50 a month (small sites may at our discretion be cheaper) we will not only carry out your content change requests (within reason), but if required we may also carry out basic search engine optimisation. We provide you with monthly statistics to show how many people visit your site.

For websites we have designed, then If you remain with us, we might, when we think your website needs a bit of a spring clean update it for free.
Note: Design changes not instigated by us may be chargeable.

Our hosting fees without any maintenance, start at just £7.50 a month. Please note ongoing SEO is not covered under maintenance.

Website Updates

Have you got an old website that is in serious need of an update ? The latest thing in web design is Mobile-friendly responsive websites that make the viewing experience of visitors using mobile devices more enjoyable. More people are now accessing the internet using hand held devices than desktop computers. Google now says that they will penalise websites that are not mobile-friendly.

If you have an old website that has been built using static html, using tables or frames, then we can convert it to a new all singing all dancing responsive wordpress website. A website that will potentially load quicker and rank better than your old one. If you have an old wordpress theme then we can upgrade it to a new responsive version.

By updating your website you maintain your existing brand appearance, and it is a lot cheaper than building a new website. I simply use your existing design and content to build you a better looking, and better performing website.

Update your website from £350