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SEO – Jump Start

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of getting a website to appear as highly as possible in Google and other search engine rankings. It is easier to localise your efforts to specific areas such as SEO Edinburgh, or East Lothian. Why is it needed ? Well what is the point of having an all singing all dancing website if no one can find it on Google.

When Forthweb design and build your site we carry out basic SEO to give it a “jump start“. This helps your business be found in your area. Our websites are Mobile-friendly and where possible we use clean code that will comply with W3C standards which also helps your ranking.

But this jump start SEO is a one off. There is no guarantee that you will rank highly as a result of us doing this work. If you later want to improve your seo Edinburgh area ranking then you need our SEO Package.

Mobile Friendly …

Improve your SEO by converting your website to a Mobile-friendly responsive design

SEO – Mobie-friendly Responsive Websites

Google has an extremely complicated algorithm. This is a set of rules that they apply to websites to decide where they appear in their rankings. To make life more complicated Google frequently change these rules as was the case with their “penguin” and “panda” updates. These changes mean that optimisation is an ongoing process.

Effective SEO means trying to keep on top of these algorithm changes. Google has now moved towards Mobile-friendly or Responsive websites. A Responsive website adapts to suit the device the website is being viewed on. For example the navigation options displayed on a mobile phone will be different from the layout displayed on a desktop computer.

Google says that a Non Responsive website has “critical mobile usability errors”, adding that these errors “severely affect how mobile users are able to experience your website”. They say that non responsive pages will not be seen as mobile-friendly and will therefore be displayed and ranked appropriately. As a result of this non responsive websites will not be ranked as highly as similar responsive ones. Our websites are built using the minimum of HTML5 and where possible are W3C compliant so that they have a head start ready for optimisation.

Forthweb can build you a new Responsive design, or we can convert your existing design to a responsive layout.

Some SEO Facts and Myths

  • It can take up to 4 years before Google trusts a site enough to give it a true ranking.

  • Links to your site are a good way to improve your ranking, but those links should come from trusted sites.
  • Where everything else is equal a website with an older domain name will rank higher than a newer one.

SEO with No Shortcuts

When it comes to SEO you may have heard the terms “White Hat” and “Black Hat”.  Black Hat SEO methods are unscrupulous techniques used by some people that can boost your website in the Google rankings .. but they only work in the short term.

Google does not approve of these methods. When they find out you have used them on your site, then you will be penalised or even barred from Googles rankings.

“White Hat” SEO utilises methods that Google approves of. Higher rankings take longer to achieve but by using these methods correctly then over time your site will move up the rankings, and more importantly stay there.

There are many “companies” out there who promise the earth when it comes to SEO. “A guaranteed page one listing”. “Links to hundreds of other websites”. Using their methods your site might well end up on page one of Google.  However, when Google finds out that you “cheated” to get there, your site will quickly disappear from their listings.

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No Page 1 Google Promises

Forthweb only ever carry out approved “white hat” SEO techniques and unlike other so called SE experts we will never “promise” that your website will end up on page 1 of Google. That does not mean it will not appear there but with SEO there can be no guarantees.

There are many factors involved in getting your website onto page 1 this includes how strong your competition is for those keywords and phrases that you want to rank for.

For example the term seo edinburgh is a more popular search than the term edinburgh seo so it may be harder to rank highly for the first term as there will be more competition.

Our SEO Packages

Although we give every website a “jump start” when we build it proper SEO generally starts after the web design and often hand in hand with site maintenance.

At Forthweb we optimise your site using purely effective white hat methods and target the local area. This will ensure your site has a very good chance of appearing in the first few pages for your area, whether it be East Lothian, Edinburgh or beyond. Unlike many other “SEO Experts” we have actually studied SEO at College,  know what techniques work and have many years of putting the theory into practice.

Effective SEO can make the difference between a site being found by a potential customer or not. Remember it is harder to rank highly for more popular keywords such as “seo edinburgh”.

Our basic SEO starts from just £50 a month. Please get in touch for further information. Check out our Search Engine Optimisation site for further options.

Please note that SEO is charged in addition to Maintenance and Hosting.